How a young cop became his community’s advisor

Our customers are the kind of people leading the change in healthcare today. They are inquisitive, proactive, and resourceful. They take charge of their health and the health of those around them. We have been inspired by their stories and feel compelled to share them with the world. The first in our series of stories is here!

Meet Mohan, a truly inspiring young cop, who belongs to the Armed Reserve Police Forces and is currently working with the Traffic Police Department of Hyderabad. This is Mohan after his second knee-surgery in 2 years– still resilient, optimistic, and going strong!


Mohan lives with his wife Jhansi, their two kids, his parents, and father-in-law in Hyderabad. Mohan and Jhansi – childhood friends and classmates– grew up playing volleyball and basketball in neighbouring courts in school. They fell in love and got married in 2013.


Not much later, Mohan had torn a ligament while playing volleyball. He had already spent a month being barely able to walk because of the ligament tear in his knee. He went from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor trying to find an affordable MRI scan since he couldn’t spend Rs 6000 -7000 on it. They were barely making ends meet, as a newly married couple. One day, through a doctor’s reference, he heard about DoctorC and was able to save Rs 4000 (more than half the price of the scan) on his MRI. He was able to undergo surgery based on the MRI report, and was soon back to normal.

But their family, it seemed to them at the time, was struck by bad luck. Hospital visits seemed to be perpetual. No sooner had he recovered from his surgery, his father suffered from a hip joint fracture and needed a metal ball placed. His mother’s condition (she was already diabetic and had thyroid issues) worsened because of all the stress, and to top it all, doctors told his wife that she was not capable of conceiving. Through all of this, they spent a lot of time hunting for the best doctors and low-cost hospitals where surgical procedures would be covered under Arogyasree. They spent more than Rs 30,000 only on investigations and did a lot of research to save on surgery costs. All of their effort paid off when they finally found affordable options.

Looking back, Anuradha says, “I don’t feel bad for what we went through. We are now able to help others who need advice.”

It was amazing to see their positivity and resilience in the face of hardship. After everything settled down, they wanted to share their newfound knowledge with other people going through similar circumstances. They wanted others to benefit from their learning.


This attitude was not new to Mohan. He was already the community’s go-to guy for everything from bikes and clothes to gold jewellery. He was known as their advisor, and always went out of his way to help people. Having been through a lot of financial trouble, he was committed to saving people money whenever he could. If any of his friends or neighbours needed a test, they knew they could just go to Mohan, and this continues till date. He has booked tests on behalf of many people who came to him for advice.

“All it takes it one rupee and a phone call to DoctorC and I can save them money.”

Mohan uses the power of simple tools and his title to help people. He once saved his friend almost Rs 3 lakh on a surgery by finding out which hospitals are Arogyasree empanelled– all through a five minute call to JustDial. If he is ever with a friend when they are getting billed or charged extra, he uses the fact that he’s a cop to ensure they are treated fairly.

“Other people may not stand up for themselves. But being in the police, I can use my title to stand up for them.”

Mohan and his family are happy to share what they know. This positive ripple effect begins with people like Mohan, who go out of their way to support and stand up for those around them. And that is absolutely inspirational for us at DoctorC.

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