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Operating Principles

This document outlines the values we want each and every employee of the company to follow.

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career path

A guide for software engineers

This is how we see (roughly) how a software engineer upskill themselves and the required skills for each level.

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philosophy about

Technical Design

How do we approach software engineering? What are some of the fundamental conventions that we follow?

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Proud Supporters of Django Foundation

We are one of the only companies in India that donates money every month to the Django foundation. Putting money where our mouth is.

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DoctorC Stories

Predicting medical chronic conditions with Machine Learning

The path to actually building an ML system from scratch is long and winding and will probably differ for each company. It’s very messy and undefined in the start - and that's ok.

How a young doctor exercised her right to information

Our customers are the people leading the change in healthcare today. They are inquisitive, proactive, and resourceful. They take charge of their health and the health of those around them. They question and probe and don’t take things at face value. We have been inspired by their stories and feel compelled to share them with the world.

How a young cop became his community’s advisor

Meet Mohan, a truly inspiring young cop, who belongs to the Armed Reserve Police Forces and is currently working with the Traffic Police Department of Hyderabad. This is Mohan after his second knee-surgery in 2 years– still resilient, optimistic, and going strong!

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Connect with the people who believe that Indian healthcare can be made magnitudes better via great technology.
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